Monday, October 20, 2014

Annalise Faith 10 Months

Oh this sweet angel of mine is giving me a run for my money this month. So many changes so much to remember and talk about!

This month I will say she has develped the most of any stage so far.  She is growing like a little weed. Weighing in at almost 17 pounds now.  Shes just a couple ounces shy.  We are now trying new finger foods. So far she has had ravioli, avacado, bananas, peas, carrots, maccaroni, pizza, bread and anything I can pull off in small pieces during dinner, she has tried.  So far she hasn't turned anything down.  My good little eater!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we officially have a crawler. She is all over the place now.  It took her a good couple weeks to get the notion that she could actually get places besides just scooting around in the living room.  Now I find her crawling to the window seal to pull herself up and look out the window in the living room. She plays with the door stoppers- she loves the noise I guess, so she is always crawling out of my eye sight from the couch.  I think we will be investing in some more baby gates soon!! 

She hasn't learned any more words yet but she sure has the hang of giving anyone and everyone a high five and clapping.  Anytime I say "Yay, Annie!!!" she will clap.  Or is I start signing to her she will clap.  Its so cute.  It seriously melts my heart.  Daddy is super proud that he is the one that taught her how to high five. She also likes to pass objects back and forth.  Aaron will sit with her and hand her a ball or a toy and say "Here ya go!" and she will grab it and then hand it back to him. They can do this for a good 20 mintues before she gets bored and ready for something else.

She isn't too interested in her bouncer or her walker any more.  I will put her in one for some activity now and then but she would much rather be in her high chair playing or eating some star puffs and watching me in the kitchen or just in the living room on the floor playing with the doggies and her toys.

We've had quite the rough month with doctor visits.  She came down with pink eye the labor day weekend and we finally got that under control 2 weeks ago but she still has an ear infection.  This child and her ear infections.  Hopefully after this go round of antibiotics it will go away.  If not her pediatrician has suggested we might see an ENT specialist to see about tubes.  Lord, lets just pray they clear up.

Annalise is seriously such a joy to be around and I love spending every extra second of the day with her.  I went out of town for a long weekend with the girls from work and I was biting at the bit to get home and just snuggle her and cover her in kisses after not seeing her for over 48 hours. Shes such an amazing little person that brings a smile to pretty much anyones face that encounters her.

Now for pictures ( I have been really terrible about taking pictures, I will try better the upcoming months)
first time Annie crawled to me on our bed!!

finally eating pretty much everything on her own!

Enjoying our afternoon walks together!!

Bed time Tickle fun.  We do this every night!!

More tickle fun with Daddy before bed!

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