Wednesday, July 22, 2015

STICH FIX #1 Review

Do you know how excited I was when I got that pretty little stitch fix box in the mail yesterday?  Y'all I have been debating on ordering from them for over a year now.  I keep pinning stitch fix items on pinterest all day long!

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to place my first order.

It took me a while to explain to the hubbs what it was all about.  I still dont think he! He just understands, more boxes of clothes being shipped to the house= more money. 

Once I opened the package up I got to work pulling out and looking over the 5 items that they sent me.  I immediately fell in love!!! 
So lets get started shall we?

When you open the package they have a little card they send you with 2 different options on how to style the items they sent you.  For me this is awesome, because I by no means am a fashion guru. I am your basic t-shirt and jeans gal.  So to show other ways to wear the clothes besides just with jeans is a win in itself.

My stylist also sent me a little note on the top right corner as to why she chose certian pieces for me.  Its a nice personal touch.  She mentionsed my love for Kate Middleton and how she thought the dolman top was a lot like her style. 

#1- Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace (kept)
I just loved this the moment I saw it. I have several Bauble necklaces pinned on pinterest but I never broke down and actually bought one. This one will go with everything too!! Winner!! Yes, I totally wore this today!

#2- Papermoon, Remmie Printed Maxi Skirt (sent back)
Though I loved the fit of this skit, fit in all the right places and the perfect lenghth I hated the print and the color.  This one went back.

#3- 41Hawthorn, Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress (sent back)
Y'all I feel in love with this dress.  If you know what a Kate Middleton fan I am you would understand.  This is the perfect color and the perfect dress for work and just a cute date night dress.  Sadly, my girls are just too big and it wouldn't zip up all the way.  It fit me great in the midsection and would have been perfect otherwise.
#4- Pixley, Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee (sent back)
This was super cute when I took it out and looked at it. I have nothing in my closet even close to comparrison so I thought for sure I would keep it. The front is the solid gray and the back hangs longer with the print. Unfortunately it was just too short in the front.    Dont you just hate that!!
#5- Market & Spruce, Corinna Striped Dolman Top (kept)
This top caught my eye as soon as I saw it. Stripes, blue, white, nautical.  Sold!  I had just tried on all of the other items so I was thinking this one would be a bust too and not fit.  Sure enough it fit perfectly.  And made my curves look good in all the right places! I can't wait to pair this with some skinnies and brown boots this fall.  It will probably be one of my favorite fall pieces.  I went ahead and broke it in yesterday, mid summer heat of 98 degrees outside!!
Overall, I am pretty happy with my 2 purchases and with what my stylist sent me.  I am looking forward to my next fix in August.  Stay tuned!!
P.S.  Sorry for the crappy pictures. I promise they will be better next time. I have an idea on how I will show them for my next post.

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