Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Flowers Take 2

So I left off with my conundrum of not knowing how to make these magnificent fabric bouquets that I just HAD to go and fall in love with and doing some research on google before deciding that I could try to make them myself. It couldn't be that hard, now could it?   I mean, I am pretty handy with a glue gun, granted I normally always burn myself.  I can sew (kinda). And I'm not to shabby with a sharp pair of scissors (look out and don't piss me off!) So I got to work.

I went to Hobby Lobby like I do nearly every other lunch break since getting engaged and picked up couple different samples of fabrics and that evening I decided to get to work.

I followed these directions and after a few TV shows and a couple glasses bottles of Riesling I had these.

Now the Gray flowers didn't turn out quite as nice as the purple ones. The fabric wasn't as nice about curling and after a few months of sitting in my Tupperware box I think their pretty much done for.  I may save them just in case I can think of other uses for them.  Overall though I think they look great.  I even got BM Beanie in on them to help out.  I'll show you hers and how different yet amazing hers looked even following the same tutorial.

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