Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Take a Walk and Fill our Pie Hole!!!

Aaron came home for two week of R and R this past week and we had a blast!!  I feel like we were on the train that would never stop.  I don't think we had one day that we actually just laid around and did nothing like we so badly wanted to.

We first took care of all things wedding related so I would stop freaking out.  We went and took a tour of our venue that is complete now.  Most of you probably don't know this but I booked our venue before it was even built!  Call me crazy but the lady in charge Linda was very convincing and after taking a tour of two of their other locations I knew in my heart that it would all work out and the venue would be perfect.  Just take a look and see for your self!!!  It just opened May 2011 and couldn't be more beautiful!

It's amazing isn't it?  I'll give you just a few more teasers...but that's it until the day of!! 

It was so nice to walk on the grounds together holding each others hands and dreaming of the beautiful day that is to come that we will finally say "I Do"

It also helped reassure me that I made a "good" choice and got Aaron's approval.  I know he would have gotten married anywhere I wanted but this is OUR day.  And I'm so glad he is as happy about where we'll become husband and wife as I am.

We also got to try some yummy treats the next day..... Cake anyone???

mmmmm....Yes Please!!!

Everything was soooooo SOOOO good!  Its gonna be a tough decision but I think we've narrowed it down!

Then there was time to try this...

And this by far was Aaron's favorite part!  What man doesn't like to have a full menu to choose from of what to try!!  I didn't take pictures of all that we tried as we were too busy shoving our pie hole full of yummy deliciousness!  Were sure what we picked all of you will be begging for more!

We're so excited to get these 3 major tasks done so I can check just a few more things off of our list. I was told of all things, I could not try cake or the food without him!!  So I had to wait but I'm glad we got to plan some parts of the wedding together rather than a million miles apart and we can talk about our decisions face to face and decide together as a couple!  Yay!

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