Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Flowers

Early on in the wedding planning stages I had decided that real flowers just were not feasible for our budget. We could do it but that would mean sacrificing on food, music, or photography.  Yes, real flowers are beautiful and the smell, divine!  But I thought I could figure something out, thus began my search looking for the perfect alternate to real flowers.  I ordered a sample from afloral.com of a purple bouquet that could be used for the bridesmaids but it just didn’t have the look I was going for.  I wanted something a bit softer.  I bit more elegant, yet, antique and rustic at the same time, if that makes sense.  Thus my search continued until I came upon an image on Etsy.

Georgous isn't it?!!  Talk about Love at first site! 

So with that image I immediatly started asking for help. I asked my sister who is studying for interior design and though maybe she would have an idea on how to replicate this?  Her response, "no clue, ask Grandma"  So I did just that.  Grandma so happened to pop into the parents house that same now I was struck w/ my love sickness for these flowers and asked her is she could help.  Her respons. "I really dont know how to do that!"  The woman who can crochette as big of a doily as your heart desires and who had sewn everyone halloweeen costumes had no clue how to help me.  Me who was so in love with these flowers that my heart now ached.  How oh how in the world can I make these?

So after weeks of looking I finally stumbled upon a few tutorials here and there online.  Such as this, and this.
After a few weeds of pondering if I could actually do this I set out to start the process of my so called fabric flowers. 

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