Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exterior Paint...Check!

When we arrived at the house Friday after work we honestly weren't expecting anything to be done.

Lo and behold the painters were just pulling out of the driveway.  That's right folks, we are in the painting stage!  It appears they had just started that day.  A rough outside coat was put on and some of the trim on the front porch beams.  Nonetheless, I love it.  I am so happy with the color we chose.

And you know what that means?  We had to go buy our paint for the shutters and doors.  If you remember this post you'll know what I am talking about. 

We decided to go with Behr's Aqua Smoke 470E-3. And yes, its almost the exact same color as my Kitchen Aid Mixer, (obsessed much?)
Hopefully in the weeks to come the paint will be done and I can decide if we chose well or made a mistake. I am no decorator so I always fear the worst!!

So tell me what you think, did we choose well or do you think this exterior paint job will be a total fail??

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