Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weeks 16 and Ultrasound Story

Sorry everyone, I went on a little hiatus last week and totally forgot to update for Week 16.  Lets just say it was not as eventful as I had hoped it would be. I'll explain more below.

How far along are you: 16 weeks! (Today I am actually 17 weeks, I am a week behind)

Baby is the size of a(n):  Avocado.  Yummy

Total Weight Gain/ Loss: 5 pounds!

Stretch Marks: The same, and still using Mustella every night.  though I have noticed the very top of my belly and the right side of my belly is itchy a lot lately.  I'm just trying to stay moisturized as much as possible

Symptoms:  I got very sick last Wednesday again.  Mexican Food and Baby do not get along, though my mind keeps telling me different because I want it. All. The. Time.  I have also had really bad pain in my back and butt area.  After looking it up one night because I could hardly walk we found it is common in pregnancy. Its a pain in the butt- literally.  The sciatic nerve is in the lower part of your spine and the baby can shift and rest directly on this neve, causing severe pain.  Its mostly common in the 3rd trimester but after asking my OB about it, she said that it can happen at any time.  She also said, "it wont get better, but it wont get worse either."  Looks like something I will just have to deal with.

Sleep:  I feel as though some nights are great and others are HORRIBLE.  I am seriously thinking of investing in one of those Snoggle- magigie-pillows

Best Moments:  See our house completely painted on the outside and getting to see our little baby again... 3 times!! (More on that.)  I also got to spend the morning with my sweet niece and nephew.  They are getting so big.  It makes me sad.

Miss Anything:  A descent's night sleep and not feeling like an old lady.  This sciatic pain in my butt is truly awful.  If I get up too fast or bend over the wrong way... shooting pain throughout my body.  My poor husband he just gets to hear me yell profanities until it goes away.

Have you started to show:  Oh Yea!

Baby Is A? :  Ha-ha, we still don't know.  So much for our gender reveal party.

Belly Button In or Out:  Still in, but I can feel everything in my mid section tightening, even the hubby commented this week on how my belly is finally really starting to show and how "round" it looks.  Thanks Babe!

Wedding Rings On or Off:  On, I am really hoping I can wear it the whole pregnancy.

Feeling Happy or Moody:  Happy though, I do have a mood swing here and there when people annoy me.  It tends to happen more at work than anything and I really try to keep it in check, but sometimes its hard. 

Cravings:  Mexican food, until I threw it all up! 

Looking forward to:  Packing this weekend and getting a little bit of rest.  Hopefully finding out next week what our little gummy bear is.  And feeling baby start to kick.  I really think sometimes I feel him/ her in there but then I am not so sure.  I try to lie as still as I can and hold my hand over my lower tummy in hopes to feel something.  No luck yet though.

Goals this week:  I have an order I need to finish and hitting the gym with the hubs. So far we are 2 for 2 this week.  We shall see how it goes!!

So I had my appointment last Wednesday in hopes to find out what we were having and to let all of our family and friends know at our much anticipated gender reveal party we had planned for the following Saturday.  Little did I know is that baby was not having it!!

We first had our ultrasound followed by my monthly check up.  After about 10 minutes of the ultrasound technician prodding my belly she could not get the baby to move enough to see what it was.  She had me flip from side to side several times and poked her fingers around my belly while she waived her magic wand around and nothing.  She said she had only had one other time that this had happened.  She was determined to find out what it was for us.  So we went on to my OB apt and she asked us to wait afterwards and she would see us again.

About 30 min later she called us back in and I laid out on the table while Aaron watched on and..... nothing.  Baby was still in the same spot.  Facing my back, legs tucked and curled.  Moving to a minimum.  Aaron and I were sure it was going to work.  We even had a mini pep talk with baby while waiting for the Dr.

Aaron:  "if you don't show yourself, I am taking away one of your birthday presents!"

Me:  "Please show us what you are.  Momma really wants to eat some cake Saturday.  Better yet, if you show yourself now, I will eat an extra piece just for you!!"

I think we need a little work on our pep talks.  They didn't work.  I almost even considered doing a head stand or some cartwheels.  But I felt that 1- the people in the waiting room would look at me like I was crazy and 2- I was in a dress.

So after another 30 minutes she called us back in and same thing.  She poked and prodded had me roll over 50 times to see if we could "piss" the baby off.   But still, it didn't work.  I guess we either have a very stubborn one on our hands or a very calm, cool collected child that just doesn't care if you mess with him/her or not.

Needless to say.  I am set, I am 100% sure this child is a girl.  She is her mothers daughter and stubborn, yet ladylike at the same time.  She just didn't want anyone to see her goodies.  I know if its a boy and Aaron's son.

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  1. My vote is boy! Zane was a pain in my butt from the get go too :)