Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This land was made for you and me!!!

I recently read an article that Forbes posted on about general guidelines to follow when you buy a home.  As most of you know, Aaron and I are in the process of having a home a built in the very near future so any information I can find on choosing, building, or buying a home I try to read.  Since this is all new to us, I want to be as informed and educated as possible.

The first most important thing that Aaron and I had to discuss was where do we want to live?  This was  tough one because I love The Woodlands/ Spring area while Aaron really loves the country. Doesn't matter where just country.  We both wanted land.  I had thought just an acre or two, whereas he was set on about 3 to 5.  So we decided that we would start looking for land after we got married.

We went and visited a few lots in the Willis and Conroe area and really liked them, but most had been sitting for almost a year without a budge in the pricing and we both thought that they were overpriced which turned out to be pretty accurate. 

After a couple more months of searching the Internet and taking random trips out to the boonies to locate the random plots of land we finally came across one that both of us agreed on.  It was in what I would call a neighborhood- like setting but with a country feel and the best part, only 10 minutes away from our favorite people, my nephew and my sister and brother in law.

The neighborhood was only a few years old and was deed restricted which we both preferred. (got to keep those home values up) It was also reasonable priced and a fairly square plot which we had wanted.

All it all it was a win win except for one thing that we kept going back to.  There are two main drains that go directly through the middle of the land forming a T.

Take a look and you'll understand.
See what I mean?

After searching and searching other places we really just feel in love with the land- gully's and all so we put in an offer and within a week our offer was accepted!!

Now its time to pick a house!!!  Hopefully that will be easier!

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