Friday, February 15, 2013

First Open House

This weekend I received a friendly email from none other than Ms. Martha over at Crystal Springs Venue in Magnolia, TX.  If you're not familiar with Crystal Springs, that is the venue that Aaron and I got married at almost a year ago!

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She sent me a message through Facebook asking if I would like to be a vendor at her up and coming mini-open house. 

"Whaaaa??? Me?? Seriously??"

I was so honored, excited, and happy that I accepted without asking the hubby first.  Well, I don't have to normally ask to do things like that but, it just so happens this open house falls on none other than our first anniversary....wah wah wah.

So when he came home I told him my plans and pleaded with my pretty blues, much to my dismay he said, "Go for it!"

So that's what I have been up to all week.  Planning for this first vendor show and I'll be honest,  I have no earthly clue what I am doing.  I've tried to remember what I liked and didn't like when I went to a few of these shows myself when I was a bride.  My first instinct is "Pretty."  If you have a pretty table that's what would draw me in right away.  Usually, that also meant it was out of my price range, but nonetheless it grabbed my attention, right?  So that's what I'm shooting for "Pretty and Organized"

So far I have my list made and have everything checked off that I need to a have except for two things.  Those I plan to tackle this weekend.

1. Banner- so that they know who I am, duh!
2. Table Cloth- to make the table, ya know, pretty
3. Price Sheet- so they know my pricing and if it will work with their budget
4. Order forms- just in case I get a few
5. Contact Sheet- so the brides can leave their information and I can follow up with them
6. A Raffle- I've decided to give away one free toss bouquet to a lucky bride
7. Bride Bouquets- I have two bride bouquets I will have on display
8. Bridesmaid Bouquets- I have two of these I will have on display too
9. Groomsmen Boutanierre- I have a few of these I can show
10. Flower Girl Flower- Because the flower girls look so cute in them
11. Corsages- for those lovely Grandmas, aunts, and Mommy's out there
12. Card Box- the beautiful card boxes I can make to add that extra touch to their wedding
13. Pomander- Because I have sold a few of these, and though they are a pain to make, they sell
14. Picture Book- I had an awesome picture book made that outlines all the work I have and can do
15. Business Cards- so they know who I am and who to call, email, shop and facebook stalk
16. Candy Dish- because all girls like chocolate right???

So what do y'all think ladies?  You think I have everything covered for the most part for my first wedding open house?   I am a bit nervous, cause I can tend to be shy but hopefully that wont be the case next Monday.

And thank you, thank you, to my amazing hubby for allowing me to follow my dreams and do what I love.

Happy Friday!!

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