Monday, July 25, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Venue: Lindsay Lakes

After visiting Amber Springs I really had felt like I had found the place for me and Aaron to marry but I knew that I should price other places and just see for myself just so that I was 100% sure in our decision. 

One Saturday morning me and MOH Sister had made arrangements to go and tour Lindsay Lakes.  The location was ideal.  It was in Cypress which is approximately 40 minutes from where most of our family lives in Spring give or take.  So we decided to check it out.

Upon arriving the place seemed fine enough.  There were a few buildings and we made our way to the main office where we were met by one of the coordinators.  I wish I remembered her name but what I do remember was not good. This lady talked.  And by talked I mean, talked and talked and talked and talked.  She didn't really give us time to interrupt with questions and she was very very pushy.  But putting that aside we ventured off with her to take a looksey at everything.

Traveling by golf cart we first rode out to the gazebo with the lake.  While this was very nice to be over looking a beautiful lake much like that of the venue in Austin I was so in love with there was one thing in the background I did not like...

See that thing on the Right?  The windmill.  Well while many Texas brides may like this little display of charm I did not.  I am not really into the "ranchy" feel.  I Just thought that it was one element of our wedding I could really go without.  As for the ceremony site though, this picture here below is pretty breathtaking and feels completely dreamy. 

Then after moving closer to the lake and taking in the scene I noticed this spring of water just sprouting up from the middle of that lake.  Call me crazy but I was not a fan of this.  It just didn't look natural.  I am all for water fountains and such but if its a fountain let it be a statement not just some sprinkler hose shooting water in the air. I had asked the coordinator about shutting it off and she said we could but there would be this ugly looking pump sticking up out of the water.  Nah, I'll pass.

Finally we made our way over the reception hall.  When we walked in she had all the lights already set as if  a wedding were about to happen and everything was set up for that evenings event. The tables were all decorated and set up ready to go.  It was beautiful. 

** All photos Via Lindsay Lakes**

I loved the open space and I loved the stone accents with the fireplaces flanking both sides of the room.  There was even built in up lighting that is normally an outrageous extra charge.  I really started to fall in love.  Could this be the place where We would share our first dance and our first meal as a married couple? 

After all was said and done we went back to talk to Ms. Talkative Coordinator and she broke down all of the pricing for us.  I loved that they had a full package including cake, photography, DJ, food, etc and they were running a one time special for the next few days that if  I booked soon I would get this incredible discount.  I took the packet and me and my sister left.  While it was still reasonable in our budget I just really wasn't feeling it.  Back to the drawing board.

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