Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I’d Like To Add His Initial To My Monogram

So today I wanna show you a little DIY action that took place over the weekend.  I have drooled countless times over seeing images with couples initials and monograms and couldn't help but want one for our special day too.

Wanna see some monogram- inspiration?

Image via Scrchik17 from Weddingbee

Image Via Etsy Seller SpottedLeopard

So after cutting a gazillion white petals out and hot- gluing my little butt off I finally had enough petals to start assembling them. I first grabbed an extra cardboard box from moving and cut out my letters like so...

Then after they were all cut out I painted them white. I only put a couple layers of paint because I knew that most of the cardboard would be covered by the petals anyhow.  So after they were completely dry I began to glue my petals down to the cardboard.  (sorry no pics for this part I kinda forgot).
And my end results were these beauties!!


What do you think y'all?  I think they are absolutely gorgeous and even better than those darn fake flowers. 

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