Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Want My Cake and I Want To Eat It Too!

Since Ive started this whole wedding planning thing I hadn't really given much thought to my cake after finding my original inspiration picture.  It was pretty early on in planning (only 2 months out) so I (naive bride I am) thought that I had picked THE cake and that was that.  Oh Bad, Crystal, bad bad Crystal.  There are so many beautiful cakes out there that I am now starting to change my mind.  And, now that means that I may not even get to use that beautiful cake topper I originally made.

Well now after reading blog after blog and picking up new bridal magazines every couple months I am even more confused as ever as what to pick!  AHHHHH! There are so many beautiful options.  How on earth will I pick the right one?

Lets see some cake-spiration, shall we?

I love how delicate and rustic this is. I'm loving the love birds on the top!

This is just simply gorgeous.  Cakes with hot pink in them almost wish I chose pink as my color...almost.

Can you say STUH-NINGHHH! Who would have thought to put the words used in wedding vows on a cake? Martha, that's who!

I love how girlie and whimsical this cake it.  It almost seems as though the flowers would just jump off the cake and start dancing! 

This one is a favorite and I seem to keep going back to it.  It is so simple yet chic.  And yet again another rustic tree trunk stand. I am pretty sure I am going to have to get the honey to make one of those!

Another simple one, topped with a dainty pink flower. Beautiful.

Now this one!  This one has to be one of my favorites!  The colors, well they are in my color scheme and they seem to almost be lifelike weaving their way up the cake. I shall call this one precious pansies and it will be my precious!

This one just makes me want to have a cup of tea and some crumpets!  So graceful.  I would imagine an dainty English bride would have this for her wedding served with afternoon tea!

After looking at what seems like hundreds of cakes I came upon a quiz on  I decided to take it to see if she had any input on what I should pick!   Turns out Martha thinks Im traditional.  I kinda think I am traditional when it comes to cakes as well.  What do ya'll think?  Do you have a cake in mind I should pick??   

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