Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The White Dress Talk

So I realize I have talked about many things that are going into this wedding planning fun many things that is, except for the dress.  You know, the big, white, beautiful dress that all brides dream about trying on.  The most beautiful, and expensive dress one girl may ever wear. 

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images via About.com

Well there is a reason for that.  And the reason is because I am trying my best to keep it a secret from the honey.  You see, he is quite snoopy. He keeps begging me to let him see a picture of it.  Or if I will tell him what it looks like.  I know he means well and I am really not sure if he would turn away if he knew I was writing a post on my dress.  He just may peek.

So to prevent that from happening I am going to postpone from telling y'all about it.  There are a handful of people that have seen my dress.  Those being my mom, bridesmaids and a few of my very close aunts.  I really really just don't want there to be any temptation for him to even have the inclination to look at it.

I keep a picture of it in my phone so that on those rough days at the gym I can browse at it on that skinny model to remind myself why I am working so hard to look as good (if not better) in that dress.    One day he was going through my pictures and when I realized what he was doing I snatched it out of his hand and went to go delete it.  I just hope he hadn't come across it before and he says he hadn't so I believe him.  I just don't want him to see it.

I want him to see it on me for the first time.  I want to take his breath away and for me to feel like the most beautiful girl on the earth surprising her love for the first time in a beautiful dress.

So with that being said I will refrain from showing you until we get back from our honeymoon.  So y'all have to wait just like the mister has to. 

Are there any other brides out there blogging that refuse to show their dress due to a peeping fiance?  What did you do to keep it a secret until the day of?

I will let you in on my journey of finding that perfect dress in my next post.  Stay tuned ladies!

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