Friday, July 15, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Venue: The little ol' log cabin an' the roses an' the vines....

So I talked myself out of the idea of getting married in Austin we began our search in the Houston Area.  We had scoured Weddingwire for nearly 2 hours one night narrowing down a few choices for me to check out since the Mr. was leaving in only 2 more days.  We had narrowed it down to Amber Springs, Ashlyn Manor, and  Lindsay Lakes.

I first made a call to Amber Springs and talked with a lady named Linda. She was super sweet and helpful and said that me and my girls could come in the following Saturday morning as long as it was before noon as they were setting up for a wedding that day. 

When we arrived we were in awe.  This place was breathtaking.  It smelled of freshly chopped wood, and pine.  The grounds were wooded and upon stepping outside on the wrap around pouch a picturesce scene of a small crystal clear stream, white rocks and two wodden bridges painted the property. 

After talking with Linda and discussing dates she became hesitant as another bride on the other side of the room was thinking of booking the same date.  I kind of panicked on the inside.  I thought I was starting early.  It was November and I was having a Feb 2012 wedding.  Apparently not.  Linda re-assured me and said she hasn't booked her yet that she can't book without a deposit.  Then she had mentioned to me that they were opening up a new location in Magnolia, the following May that I should check out called Crystal Springs.  She told me that they had a similar site in New Braunsfels and I could call anytime to set up an appointment to go and look at it. With a folder full of vendors and pricing and excitement in my heart we left.

All the girls were really excited about Amber Springs.  It seemed perfect. We could have our ceremony and our reception in one conveninet place that was so stunning and yet still had enough rustic masculine edge I know It wouldn't be overkill for the Mr.  My sister had even mentioned that had they had Amber Springs when she got married she would have loved to have her wedding there.

After talking it over with the Mr. later on that night we both agreed I should go and look at at least one or two other places in Houston just to see if the prices were comparable and that if I really liked Crystal Springs I should take a trip out to New Braunsfels to check it out as well.

And so the Perfect Venue search continued....

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