Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guess What Y'all....

Remember this post talking about my purchase of my bridal jewelry?  Well...its in!  It came much earlier than I had expected since these beauties are traveling all the way from Singapore.  Oh I love them. I of course had to try them on.  How can you get such beautiful things in the mail and not try them on? 

I even had the chance to model them via web cam to the Mr.  He really liked them. I know I am such a tease showing him all of these beautiful things I keep buying and making and he hasn't even got to purchase anything for himself for this wedding yet.  That will change here shortly.  He's almost done with his tour...Just a few more months we gotta get though and he will finally be home!  I know he likes seeing things that I buy and make though.  It makes him feel included and loved and like he is still sharing in all the wedding shenanigans that we are going through.  Time for the pics now.  You know I very well can't tease y'all like that too!

**Photos courtesy of Me**
Dazzling! No?

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